Connect 365

Dynamics 365 Portals Integration Solution

Looking to Integrate your Dynamics 365 portal with commonly used applications?  We have the Solution.

Enhance the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Portals with Connect 365, Adoxio's SaaS solution that delivers a seamless connection between Dynamics 365 Portals and a variety of commonly used platforms such as SharePoint, Esri, PowerBI and various payment gateways.  Our solution allows you to go beyond what you thought was possible and leverage your Dynamics 365 Portals investment!

Connect 365 modules:


Integrate Dynamics 365 Portals seamlessly with SharePoint - allowing users to leverage document management capabilities.


Continue to utilize your GIS Mapping technology to its full extent in Dynamics 365 Portals.


Facilitate an easy integration of your online Payment gateway with Dynamics 365 Portals.


Coming soon...

WHY Connect 365?


Subscription-based SaaS pricing model

Get the most out of your Dynamics 365 Portals investment.  Get access to all modules for the low cost of $150.00 USD / month.


The solution you've been looking for

Solve integration issues with Dynamics 365 Portals (formerly Adxstudio Portals 8).


Deploy immediately

Gain access instantly through the power of the Cloud.

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