Adxstudio Portal Assessment

Understanding Microsoft Portal Options for Dynamics 365

Your Microsoft Adxstudio Portal is NO LONGER SUPPORTED. 

Organizations like yours, need to quickly and carefully consider the future of on-premises portal applications. The KPMG Adoxio Portal Assessment helps guide you after Microsoft’s support ends. We inventory the functionality, features, and architectural details of your portal solution, categorizing each as a configuration, customization, or integration. We will then prepare an assessment of how each feature risk impact. With this information, combined with your input regarding future plans for your portal, we will recommend a roadmap for your best path forward, along with a no-obligation budgetary estimate for engaging us to implement best practices.



  • Upgrade to xRM Portals Community
  • Upgrade to SaaS Portals with Connect 365
  • Upgrade to SaaS Portal
  • Transition to a new Portal technology

The Adoxio Portal Assessment

  • A prompt and comprehensive expert analysis of your Portal framework, you can trust.
  • A detailed report of our findings, with a recommended roadmap in language relevant to business and IT leaders alike
  • The solution architecture of your current state and the proposed future state
  • Recommended transitional services 
  • Confidence to ensure continued user satisfaction




Contact KPMG Adoxio to arrange for a KPMG Adoxio Portal Assessment providing our recommendation on the strategy that’s best for you. For customers who opt to upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online following this assessment will receive the cost of the Portals Assessment as a rebate.


Portals, From Microsoft - Dynamics 365 portals

Microsoft directly provides a portal add-on as part of the Dynamics 365 platform as a full Software as a Service (SaaS) offering.  Originally launched as Microsoft CRM portals in Spring 2016 with CRM 2016 Spring Update, v8.1.  Then later re-branded Dynamics 365 portals with the launch of Dynamics 365 as version 8.2. July 2017 will represent the release of v8.3 of Dynamics 365 portals. Portals, from Microsoft as a fully SaaS offering does have some restrictions in that it is hosted only by Microsoft and there is no direct portal source code access. This limits the customization options compared to legacy Adxstudio Portals.  This version of portals though is the future of portals and will continue to be iterated on by Microsoft with bug fixes, new enhanced features and always be supported.

MicroSoft Open Source Portals

Released as part of the July 2017 Update for Dynamics 365 and will be the same version the online SaaS service uses when it launched with the July 2017 update.  It is a one-time release, and will never be updated by Microsoft with either bug fixes or new features.  Microsoft will not support this version or take pull requests allowing for contribution for the community to fix bugs.  This open source release will be under the MIT license meaning that it is 100% free and no paid license key will be required.

Open Source Portals allows for on-premises or online deployments, on any infrastructure, from any provider, or self-hosted entirely.  It also provides full source code access to MasterPortal ASP.NET Web Site as well as the framework libraries necessary to support portal functions (Adxstudio.Xrm, etc.).  This will allow for existing customizations to be ported to the latest version of portals but any modifications are only self or potentially partner supported.

Portals Roadmap*


*Roadmap is for illustration purposes of understanding portals options and is not a committed roadmap from Microsoft.  Our data is based on past release schedules, both minor and major, as well as announced information.  Any future releases are only an estimate.

Adoxio has created a branch of Microsoft Open Source Portals - xRM Portals Community Edition.

Learn More about xRM Portals Community Edition