banking & Financial Services

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The evolution of the financial services industry continues. Digital increases in importance and creates new competitors, regulatory requirements continue to grow, customer expectations are rising and shareholders continue to demand healthy returns. KPMG can help you meet these challenges head-on. We offer a broad range of products and services to optimize channel strategies, modernize your operations and improve your user engagement.   

Effectively Manage Relationships & Maximize Resources

Leverage the power of the Microsoft Platform to help effectively manage partner relationships. Customers and collaborators can log into self-service portals to submit requests and proactively manage accounts, contacts, and more. An effective resource management solution that assists your employees to get more done and achieve greater job satisfaction.

Customer experience, digital & Operational transformation

Align your people, processes and technologies to help improve the customer experience and enhance the customer journey with a range of customer segregation, data analytics, and digital strategies. Enhance efficiency and productivity by helping to strengthen your cost management, shared services, vendor relationships, technology systems and organizational design.

Automate your Processes & Workflows 

Intelligent cloud solutions let you connect and monitor your devices to better analyze previously untapped data.  Adjust to meet changing customer demands by dynamically realigning production.  Reduce manufacturing waste by improving and automating processes.


KPMG sees how banking models are evolving and innovative approaches emerging. Yet, the strides are small. Banks need to fast track digital integration throughout their organization. Digitization has to become the foundation for their business. And the need for speed is more important than ever before, as a new banking landscape unfolds, bringing with it a continuous wave of new competitors. The big and strong are no longer guaranteed to win. Speed and agility count just as much…if not more. And the time to accelerate is now.

Banking, Credit Union & Capital Markets

Client Care & Call centre

Breaking down barriers to clients through an omnichannel experience. Integration with back-end systems for next level customer engagement.

  • Customer facing self-service portal
  • A case management system based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 
  • Integrated with CTS for seamless call centre capability 
  • Searchable knowledge base
  • Automatic escalations based on service level agreements 
  • Scheduled and automated notifications 

Deal management with Stakeholder relationship management

Help your organization achieve leading user experiences by mitigating conflicts and proactively engaging with stakeholders to expedite deal closures. 

  • Deal collaboration for private equity and capital markets
  • Track, analyze and report on deal data
  • Manage communications and interactions with stakeholders
  • Support stakeholder process
  • Configurable dashboards and reporting

Key Process Enablement

Reduce the cost, time and effort of onboarding new clients, track deal management, loan approvals. 

  • Optimized scheduling - Get the right resources to the right place at the right time
  • Contract management - Increase customer satisfaction and proactively mitigate issues
  • Omnichannel engagement - Engage your stakeholders through the channel of their choice 
  • Customer communications - Put your customers at the center of every interaction

Asset Management 

Focused on asset firms that sell through direct or indirect channels. Broker planning and performance monitoring and direct client engagement

  • Customer case management 
  • Broker and customer issue reports
  • Contact management
  • Manage payment and billing
  • Detailed monitoring and reporting to ensure proper checks and balances 

banking as a service

Upgrade to clever business software that handles the complexity of your business. A solution that helps you manage everything in one hub and take time back to focus on what counts.

  • link your banking to your accounting
  • Improve cash flow with forecasting
  • Make decisions with certainty
  • See the full picture in one hub
  • Scaling as your business grows


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