• KPMG to Acquire Adoxio – Strengthening its Global Leadership as a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integrator


    CALGARY, Alberta--()--Adoxio Business Solutions (Adoxio) is proud to announce that it is being acquired by KPMG in Canada. KPMG is already a leader in leveraging the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform to offer digital transformation to organizations around the world, and the acquisition of Adoxio serves to strengthen and solidify that position and further enhances leading technical capabilities. The acquisition is expected to close by the end of April 2018.

    KPMG to Acquire Adoxio Strengthening its Global Leadership as a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integrator

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    Formed following the Microsoft acquisition of Adxstudio in 2015, Adoxio is an 80 person team with presence across Canada and in the United States. With offices in Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Regina and Redmond WA, Adoxio specializes in delivering Microsoft Dynamics 365 products and services in a wide range of industries including public sector, regulatory, manufacturing, retail and energy.

    “From the beginning of our conversations with KPMG I have been impressed by how natural this has felt, and how aligned we are in our values and the role we see Microsoft Dynamics playing in digitally transforming the organizations we work with”, said Grant McLarnon, CEO of Adoxio. “Organizations today are looking for new and different ways to better engage with people – we have always been passionate about empowering those organizations. Now we are joining are forces to do this as part of a truly global organization.”

    ”KPMG and Microsoft have been collaborating globally through a strategic alliance since 2015 to help our clients transform their businesses and gain the most from their technology investments,” says Georgina Black, Partner & National Leader, Management Consulting at KPMG. “We are excited to have Adoxio, another Microsoft Gold Partner, become part of KPMG. We believe the shared experiences and talents of our teams will strengthen our ability to provide comprehensive digital customer relationship tools, analytics and solutions to our clients.”

    About Adoxio:
    Adoxio specializes in Customer Relationship Management products and services based Microsoft Dynamics 365 that connect organizations to people. Adoxio is a customer engagement leader, known around the globe in the Dynamics communities for its expertly-configured solutions. Adoxio is trusted by industry leaders with more than 300 customers worldwide. Adoxio employs over 80 professional staff with seven offices in both Canada and the US. Adoxio is named a Microsoft Gold partner in Cloud Customer Relationship Management, Customer Relationship Management, and Application Development.



    Adoxio Business Solutions
    Chelsea Philip, 403.472.2142
    Marketing Director

  • Finances Online Reviews VeloCITY 365

    Finances Online - VeloCITY 365 Review 

    VeloCity 365 was ranked by Finances Online and received a 93% user satisfaction rating, winning us a Great User Experience award for 2018 and their 2018 Rising Star award! FinancesOnline awards both recognitions to software solutions that are perceived by users as an efficient platform for solving difficult tasks while offering a superior user experience through intuitive functionalities.

    In their VeloCITY 365 review, they focused on the problems that VeloCITY solves; citizen service request management and citizen engagement, providing readers with a 3rd party view of the program and its features.






    About VeloCity 365 

    VeloCITY 365 is a robust citizen engagement platform built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 designed to help local governments and government agencies streamline their processes, efficiently address local issues and citizen complaints and requests. This citizen engagement platform, which landed a spot in FinancesOnline’s top 15 CRM Software for Enterprises for its efficiency in citizen engagement, enables governments to empower citizens to become active participants in issues, discussion, and policies that involve their community.

    With VeloCITY 365, local governments are now able to provide streamlined, efficient, and effective channels for citizens to raise concerns, submit requests, and voice opinions on issues and policies. Due to this, it isn’t a surprise to see VeloCity 365 to earn a spot in the FinancesOnline List of 10 Best CRM Software Tools. The platform enables local governments to effectively track and report on citizen issues effortlessly, gather highly actionable, high-value insights from the ground level, and even accelerate administrative processes.

  • Adoxio Announced as one of the Top 50 Best Places to Work for Women 2018


  • Introducing Regulate 365 by Adoxio


    Take control of licensing and permitting processes

    With all the technology available today, it’s very common to know exactly where things are at any given time. Whether it’s a package coming in the mail, an Uber, or a delivery pizza, mobile apps and digital tracking make it possible to pinpoint statuses at the touch of a button. And despite the fact that this experience is commonplace today, it still not available when tracking the status of a regulated license or permit. After the initial submission, there’s no visibility in the progress or status of a license or permit application it until it’s approved or rejected.

    Regulation is rising in importance but hasn’t changed processes

    A large percentage of today’s workforce has to endure the slow process of applying for and receiving a license or permit. Today, 30% of US workers need some sort of occupational license, which is 25% higher than the 1950s. A similar trend exists in the European Union – roughly 5,500 professions need a license to practice. In both cases, the process of getting a license is painfully manual. Professionals have to identify the right forms, fill in the information, drop them off in person and then…wait. While waiting, it’s impossible for applicants to know if they forgot a key piece of documentation which could result in delay or rejection.

    It’s also a headache for those who handle the paperwork itself. Not only do regulatory agency employees have to manually route the paperwork to the right place and then back, they have to stay in compliance with constantly changing regulations. And without any way to easily track or report on current or expired licenses, the regulatory agencies are not able to properly meet their mandates to safeguard the public. Even though the current process works, it’s not efficient or enjoyable for either party.

    While regulation processes haven’t changed, expectations have.

    The dominance of mobile devices over the past ten years has completely changed market expectations. Lines and “in-person” chores used to be the norm, but thanks to online shopping, mobile apps and two-day shipping, consumers expect to be able to get things done at home. Most commercial industries provide some kind of 24/7, omnichannel access to consumers; where they can see their order history, price adjustments, receipts, and generate reports of some kind or another. They also maintain product reviews, so consumers can compare and contrast products offered by one company over another. This trend of convenience is not lost on consumers.  

    This impacts licensing and permitting organizations both externally and internally. Externally, they are expected to provide access to information. They need to give visibility in to where applicants are in the process as well as giving the public access to the businesses that are approved and have a history of compliance. They also need to improve internally, because their employees have the same consumer expectations. Employees waste significant time managing and distributing paperwork, which if digitized, could be done automatically. They also spend time tracking renewal notifications, keeping up with constant changes in compliance requirements and generating reports that guide decision making. The amount of time spent on these manual tasks could be put to far greater use, especially since budgets usually shrink and responsibilities typically expand. As the gap between the services offered and the services expected continues to expand, it will result in more frustration and lower approval ratings.

    Transform your licensing and permitting processes

    It’s time for an evolution in the licensing process – one that empowers regulatory bodies to provide effective, trackable services while continuing to oversee professional compliance and protect the public. Applying for and receiving a license or permit shouldn’t involve waiting in the dark.

    Adoxio’s Regulate 365, built on Microsoft Cloud Technology, is a rich content management and automation system that brings the benefit of cloud to the licensing and permitting process.  With a 24/7 portal, businesses will fill out and track their licenses from start to finish. With all information in the same platform, consumers can easily view, learn about and compare businesses and make an informed decision. Regulate 365 also automates many back-end functions, making it easier to follow up with businesses as compliance changes, gather reports on activities and gain insights into business patterns.

    To learn more about Regulate 365 and other transformational cloud solutions, go to Microsoft AppSource.

  • Adoxio Launches Regulate 365

    Adoxio Delivers Digital Transformation to Regulatory Agencies

    Regulate 365 helps regulatory organizations better protect the public


    Adoxio is excited to announce the launch of their latest product, Regulate 365 License and Permit, now available on Microsoft App Source and for purchase through approved partners.

    Professional associations, medical colleges, member-based regulators, and government agencies all face the growing challenge to do more with less while meeting mandates to regulate association members and protect the public. Many regulatory agencies are challenged by the high touch process of issuing and reissuing licenses and permits while ensuring professional requirements are met, as well as fielding grievances and completing audit practices. Associations are spending a significant amount of time managing and tracking disjointed and often out of date applications and spreadsheets. Addressing these challenges becomes increasingly necessary as more professions require regulation every year – 30% of workers in the US need a license to perform their jobs, compared to 5% in the 1950s.

    Regulate 365

    “We are so enthusiastic about bringing the power of the Microsoft cloud platform to regulators,” shared Adoxio CEO Grant McLarnon. “Regulate 365 empowers those who are entrusted with ensuring public safety through the oversight of important industries, organizations and people. Since it is based on the Dynamics platform our solution leverages many of the advantages of coming from the Microsoft product suite, including security, integration, intuitive user interface as well as point and click configurability. Our legacy of building world class products combined with our years of experience working with regulators has resulted in a solution that creates compelling value for our customers.” 

    Regulate 365: Licence and Permit is based on well known, industry trusted Microsoft cloud technology. Built on Dynamics 365 with an easily updated public facing portal, it manages front and back end data collection, business specific workflows and approvals, and provides the ability to quickly pull detailed reports for integrations with Microsoft Power BI. Users can access data from any device, update their own profiles, and process payments for courses and membership fees. Members and the public can easily engage by searching any restrictions against a member of the regulatory agency, as well as submit complaints and view scheduling for hearings and/or disciplinary action. “Because this is not a COTS (commercial-off- the-shelf) solution, Regulate 365 can be quickly and easily configured to address the very specific needs of very different professional associations, making it a more convenient and cost effective solution,” shares Craig Fleming, CTO Adoxio.



    Learn more about Regulate 365 online here.


  • Adoxio is Named to the 2017 List of Best Workplaces in Technology

    Adoxio is proud to announce that our organization has been named to the 2017 list of Best Workplaces in Technology.

    Adoxio received this honour after a thorough and independent analysis conducted by Great Place to Work®.  

    The list of the twenty five Best Workplaces in Technology is based on direct feedback from employees of the hundreds of organizations that were surveyed by Great Place to Work®. The data has a 90% confidence and a plus or minus 5% margin of error.  

    Analysis of the data to compile this list focused on the following considerations:
    •    For eligibility, companies certified in the past year, have a minimum of 50 employees and work primarily in the Technology industry. 
    •    GPTW determined the BEST based the overall Trust Index score of eligible organizations.

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  • Adoxio to join Microsoft CityNext in Barcelona for Smart City Expo World Congress

    Join Adoxio and Microsoft from November 14-16 in Barcelona, Spain, at the Smart City Expo World Congress.  Smart City will bring together over 400 global influencers and innovators to share knowledge, debate the challenges faced by our cities, encourage out of the box thinking, and inspire a worldwide call for action in order to develop smarter and more sustainable cities.
    Adoxio, has been selected by Microsoft to demonstrate smart city solutions that are delivering benefits to cities and regions like yours today. Engage in one-on-one dialogue with our partners and subject matter experts. 
    Adoxio will be showcasing our Citizen Engagement Solution, VeloCITY 365.  Stop by the Microsoft booth for a demo, and to learn more about our innovative solutions for cities.

    For more information, visit: http://www.smartcityexpo.com/en/ 

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  • Join Microsoft and Adoxio at Nordic Edge Smart City Congress and Expo

    Join Adoxio and Microsoft from Sept 26th – 28th, 2017 at the third annual Nordic Edge Expo and Congress to be held in the innovative city of Stavanger, Norway. Nordic Edge aims at being the most important arena in the Nordics for knowledge exchange and inspiration to creators of smarter businesses, smarter homes and smarter cities. By bringing together the best thinkers and the best doers, Nordic Edge Expo will be a not-to-be-missed arena for ideas exchange, inspiration, insights and action.

    Adoxio, has been selected by Microsoft to demonstrate smart city solutions that are delivering benefits to cities and regions like yours today. Engage in one-on-one dialogue with our partners and subject matter experts. 
    Adoxio will be showcasing our Citizen Engagement Solution, VeloCITY 365.  Stop by the Microsoft booth for a demo, and to learn more about our innovative solutions for cities.

    Reasons to attend:
    •    Network with city and regional leaders
    •    Gain insight, knowledge, and guidance from industry experts
    •    Share best practices from around the world
    •    Get hands-on in the demonstration sessions

    For further information on Nordic Edge Expo and Congress, including the latest congress schedule, go to the event website at www.nordicedge.org

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  • Complimentary IDC Download: Driving Improved Citizen Engagement Through CRM

    Citizens engage and interact with government constantly, whether driving on a road, paying a parking meter, having a picnic in a park, or mailing a letter—often without realizing they’re interacting with government. But this realization is changing, as technology makes both citizens and government agencies more aware of those touch points. For government organizations on the leading edge, the interaction points of citizen engagement have become a differentiator. Using Citizen Relationship Management (CRM) technologies, such as the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solution when implemented by a partner like Adoxio, agencies have a more complete view of the citizen and can deliver needed services in the most efficient and effective way possible, improving the citizen experience.

    Click here to get your copy today!

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  • Adoxio’s Colin Vermander Awarded Microsoft MVP Status

    Adoxio is proud to announce that Colin Vermander, Technical Director of Services Delivery, has been awarded Microsoft MVP status in the category of Business Solutions. 

    “I really appreciate everyone’s support, and am very excited to be awarded the MVP status,” said Colin. “I could not have done this without having such a great team behind me the whole time.”

    The Most Valuable Professional award gives Microsoft the unique opportunity to celebrate, honor and say thank you to top-notch technology experts who make outstanding contributions to their communities. These technology experts have an unstoppable urge to get their hands on new, exciting technologies and love to share their knowledge.

    “We are extremely proud of Colin’s achievement. He is a valued member of our team, and we’re so happy to see his contributions to Adoxio and to the community be recognized”, said Grant McLarnon, CEO at Adoxio. “Furthermore, Colin’s accomplishments solidify his and Adoxio’s commitment to the Microsoft community. We are proud to foster such talent and drive, and are focused on nurturing and attracting more Microsoft experts as we grow our team.”

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