• xRM Portals Community Edition Now Available!

    With the news on last Friday of the Microsoft Open Source Portals for Dynamics 365 becoming available, Adoxio has now launched their fork of that code as xRM Portals Community Edition. There is a lot to explore with this release of the open source portals and the xRM Portals Community Edition, what does it include, who is it best suited for, what are the long term goals, what are the gaps and how you can get your hands on it.

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  • Live Assist Integration - Our Learnings

    Live Assist integration helps Dynamics 365 agents resolve issues more quickly to increase customer satisfaction through immersive chat and co-browse experience.  The Live Assist integrates with the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and enables the Dynamics 365 Portal with the Live Chat capability. As Live Assist will commonly be used in the Call Center environments, we can also integrate Live Assist with Unified Service Desk for Dynamics 365, a configurable framework for quickly building applications for call centers.

    The goal of this post is to share our learnings from the integration between Live Assist and the Dynamics Platform.

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  • Dynamics 365 portals Spring Roadmap and Portal Source Code

    If you frequent the Dynamics 365 Roadmap site (built on portals by Adoxio đź™‚ ) you may notice a new area has been added for the CRM based Applications (Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Project Service) for portals features. A number of items for all areas of Dynamics 365 has been posted as we near the Spring release of Dynamics 365 (v8.3), but this is a first for the portal to have been posted which seems to be the makings of a Spring Roadmap for the product. There are some exciting items on there including a release of the portal source code, Azure AD B2C and more. Below is all the items posted to the roadmap as well as some comments on each.

    Let’s get to the big one first, portal source code.

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  • Workaround fix for 'Validation of viewstate MAC failed' bug in Adxstudio Portals 7.23, 7.24, and 7.25

    A bug that's important to be aware of was introduced in Portals 7.23 and it's still present in 7.24 and 7.25. It affects any site where forms are submitted anonymously, and causes an exception. I'll discuss the bug and show code that can be manually added to the MasterPortal project code to fix the bug while we wait for Microsoft to publish a new version of Adxstudio Portals with this bug fix.

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  • What is Adoxio Connect Framework for Dynamics 365 the Technical Details

    For those of you who are interested in utilizing the Adoxio Connect Framework for Dynamics 365 in your own projects, be that a console application, Azure Function App, or an ASP.NET web app then this post will help you understand why we built this framework and the settings that it exposes. The goal of the Adoxio Connect Framework is to make it easy to use the new Dynamics 365 Server-to-Server authentication and help build applications based on this authentication schema without having to take on the management overhead of authentication.

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  • eXtreme365 Lisbon 2017 Highlights

    Extreme365, the new ExtremeCRM has just completed in Lisbon, Portugal.  What an amazing, beautiful and fun location to hold a great Dynamics conference.  Lisbon was great, the food, historic locations, and the landscape were second to none.  This event exceeded expectations with the quality of the sessions, the information shared by partners, MVPs and Microsoft themselves.  I met so many smart Dynamics professionals and just really fun people to hang out with.  It was an honor to be both an attendee to a great conference and a speaker.  Big shout out to Nelson Lopes from Microsoft Canada for guiding us on an amazing Portuguese experience over the week.

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  • Join Adoxio at eXtreme365 in Lisbon!

    Adoxio's Technical Director of Services Delivery, Colin Vermander will be speaking at eXtreme365 (formerly eXtremeCRM) on March 13-17, 2017, in Lisbon.

    The purpose of the eXtreme365 conference is to help the Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) community more effectively grow their business by selling, deploying and extending the Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution. eXtreme365 is dedicated to providing insight to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 future vision and strategy and encourages sharing of knowledge among the Microsoft Dynamics 365 community.  eXtreme supports critical connections with Microsoft, ISVs and partners – all with a goal of helping the community learn, grow and work more productively together.

    Colin will be speaking at two sessions: Extend Dynamics 365 Portals with Custom Code, and Everything you need to know - Dynamics 365 Portals Implementations.

    We hope to see you in Lisbon!  If you would like to pre-schedule a meeting with Colin while in Lisbon, please feel free to contact us.

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  • CRM SDK 6.1.2 Released - Fixes Adxstudio and Dynamics 365 Compatibility

    Microsoft has released an update to the CRM 2013 SDK with a new version, 6.1.2. This version includes changes to support the new authentication protocols introduced in v8.1.1 of the SDK. Since the Adxstudio Portal v7 relied on the CRM 2013 SDK, without this new version of the SDK it was unable to connect to Dynamics 365 instances due to the deprecation of the Azure Access Control Service (ACS) endpoint from all v8.2 instances. Now with this new CRM SDK you can include it in Adxstudio Portals v7.x projects so they will be able to connect successfully to Dynamics 365!

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  • Dynamics 365 trials now include portals!

    If you create a new Dynamics 365 trial since around the holiday time frame you may have noticed that a portal can be configured as part of this trial. If not read on for instructions on how to configure your portal as part of the trial.

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  • Mail Merge Templates vs. Word Document Templates

    With Dynamics CRM 2016, Microsoft took Document Automation to a new level with the introduction of Document templates which greatly simplifies the document generation process. There are two types of document templates that can now be created, Excel Document Templates and Word Document Templates.

    Our focus for this blog would be to compare the Word Document Template and Mail Merge Template and highlight some of the differences.

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