County staff were growing increasingly frustrated with issues stemming from its newly installed customer-relationship management (CRM) tool and the lack of a similar engagement tool for its Economic Development Group (EDG). The original vendor for its Dynamics 365 CRM did not integrate or configure the tool properly, overcustomizing and leaving staff to make do with manual processes and its EDG team was still tackling much of its work by hand.


KPMG's mission was two-fold: to set up a new, simplified and more direct Dynamics 365 installation to provide County's EDG department with a fresh “out-of-the-box” relationship management system, tailored to its specific business needs. After attempting to overcome these challenges in-house, the municipality collaborated with KPMG to design and re-implement Dynamics 365 to properly automate and fill gaps within their operations and in turn bolstering connections between the County and its residents.

With vast experience in this space, KPMG understands how to configure the tool in such a way that it can fit-gap the issues experienced by the customer but still allows for future change and growth.  For the first challenge, KPMG's liaised with County staff and leadership to define business requirements, discuss pain points, and identify any gaps or weaknesses in the current approach. With these insights, the team embedded a Dynamics 365 solution for case management, complete with a clean, user-friendly and secure portal for citizens to use to self-manage their account and submit service requests 24 hours a day from their device of choice. For the EDG, the solution now enables the team to log activities, communications, referrals, touch-points; track information packages; and leverage the system's “Social Engagement” module to monitor County's branding activities.


From the start, KPMG's mission was to take County's client-facing interactions to the next level. The new installation of Dynamics CRM was designed to meet the County's modern needs while sharing data from the old system and enabling municipal employees to move away from manual processes. Including internal users' feedback in that design has since contributed to a drastically higher rate of adoption and positive feedback from users on all sides. This set up allows the County to adapt and grow with a tool that will grow with them and can be easily configured to spin up new reports and service requests in minutes. What's more, KPMG's work with the EDG team has proven equally successful, leading to a higher win rate of businesses and projects setting up shop within County.

“Thanks to KPMG’s superb communications there were no surprises. The project was delivered as they said it would be delivered, early or on time, and on budget; and post 'go-live' support has been exceptional. This was hands down one of the best projects I have worked on in my 20 years in the industry.”

-IT Manager, Information Services