Unassisted Customer Quotes, Orders & Case Management 


This software Company is utilized by more than 800 customers worldwide including manufacturers, high technology companies, professional service firms, publishers and many other industries. Their product configuration software improves quote, order and manufacturing performance by extending Microsoft Dynamics CRM into a sophisticated pricing and product configuration system that expertly guides users through every aspect of a Dynamics CRM opportunity, quote, order or service contract. Built on the same .NET / SQL Server platform as Dynamics CRM, the two systems integrate seamlessly to provide a natural and intuitive user experience.

The Company wanted to provide a solution that would grow and scale to the world-class customer base they have today. Their business has been based on two fundamental principles; providing a simple-to-use yet powerful configurator and backing it with knowledgeable, responsive customer support. When looking at the options for extending their solution to a portal via the web, They elected to search for a best-of-breed solution with pre-built integration to Dynamics CRM.


They chose to move forward with the implementation of Adxstudio Portals as the foundation for their portals solution as it offered a framework that they could easily tailor to meet their needs as well as had the integration with their existing system.

"To remain competitive our customer’s required the ability to offer self-service portal functionality as part of the product configuration solutions they had in place," said Vice President Sales and Marketing. "Adxstudio Portals provided us with the foundation we needed to effectively scale our solution to meet the changing needs of our customers. In fact, we are also implementing the Adxstudio Portals solution in-house. What we found is that the self-service functionality that Adxstudio Portals provides is not only a requirement for their customers and how they operate their respective businesses but something their customers expect from them."

The solution implemented internally helps customers raise support cases, check the status of support issues and enables the customer to effectively manage and analyze those cases. "Adxstudio Portals will allow us to more easily scale to meet the support needs of our growing customer base, where self-service through the web is no longer an option but an expectation." 

A Proven Technology Partnership that Works.

When seeking a technology partner, Experlogix was looking for a partner that could add value to their overall solution. Web portal self-serve access was becoming a key requirement of their customers.

Instead of building from scratch, Experlogix sought a partner who could provide them with a solid portal framework that could not only be tailored to work with their product configuration software but a Partner who also had the same level of in-depth knowledge they had around Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

"With Adoxio we found a like-minded business who were experts in the CRM and Portals field," said Jeff. "There was virtually no learning curve involved in using Adxstudio Portals, our development teams collaborated very well together resulting in a strong business partnership that continues to grow."

Meeting the Unique Needs of their Customers. Using Adxstudio Portals, the Experlogix Portal Edition enables companies to expand their sales to the web by providing the power of the Experlogix Configurator within a portal to help customers, channel partners and prospects to configure custom products and services to meet their unique needs.

Portal"Adxstudio Portals has allowed us to provide a strong self-service portal solution to our customers," says Jeff. "One example, a US-based manufacturer was able to streamline their quoting operations with a dealer network by implementing the combined portal solution, increasing their average monthly quotes to more than $3.5 million per month. Their forecasting has improved greatly as well."

A Proven Solution that Scales. With Adxstudio Portals and Experlogix Portal Edition, Experlogix customers use a consistent model across the enterprise by supporting all sales channels from a single, centrally managed system. AMX a U.S. based technology provider used Adxstudio Portals in Experlogix Portal Edition to allow their extensive dealer network the ability to build their own hardware quotes a frequent request from their dealers.

The overall solution which included not only dealer but sales team access, AMX saw their ability to produce quotes that historically capped at 300 quotes per month to more than 700 quotes per month, representing a 250% increase as well as scaling to meet the needs of their dealers.



This Software company partners with more than 400 VARs across North and South America, EMEA and Asia Pacific, and has amassed more than 900 customers and thousands of end users by excelling at two fundamental principles: provide simple-to-use yet powerful configurator technology, and back it with knowledgeable, responsive customer support. 


“Adxstudio Portals provided us with the foundation we needed to effectively scale our solution to meet the changing needs of our customers.”


-Vice President Sales and Marketing