Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Adxstudio Portals and Microsoft Windows Azure

This agency was founded in 1999 by two strategic marketers who realized the need for a new event marketing model. Today, they are a powerhouse for B2B marketing for some of the world’s leading brands.

Through their agency hubs in Toronto and Chicago, They are single source of marketing expertise and results optimization. They handle the challenges of significant organizations while being fueled by a culture that embraces the qualities of individual service excellence and speed, all backed by a disdain for bureaucracy.

Through their practice group specialization in event management, digital marketing platforms, and demand generation marketing programs, The agency makes it their purpose to always question the status quo and stand out from the noise. As Microsoft’s North American Agency of Record, they built two unique programs for their client; Executive Exchange and TechDays.


With the Executive Exchange, Adxstudio Portals were used to capture strategic executive engagements through an easy to use web interface stored automatically in a cloud-based version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Ultimately, this helped in driving key marketing insights for the US Microsoft team.

Based on a defined set of premier events and key customers, Starshot was able to effectively track attendance by event and across all events year over year.

“The seamless integration Adxstudio Portals provided with Microsoft Dynamics CRM allowed us to not only track executive engagement over time,” said the Group Business Manager, Events, “but also more effectively manage, report and drive insights for our client. This was something they hadn’t been able to achieve to this level of detail prior to this program.”

For TechDays 2010, They needed to provide a conference platform that could not only handle registration and management of the multiple tracks available for TechDays but also handle secure, payment processing, all hosted on Microsoft Windows Azure.

“We had used Adoxio’s portal solution for other projects and knew that its capabilities could be leveraged to provide us with the platform to fulfill on Microsoft’s technical requirements for TechDays. As a result, it became our top choice for this project.”

A Technology Partnership Based on Innovative Thinking. We both have a proven track record of providing innovative solutions to their clients making this technology partnership a clear choice for both of these Microsoft programs. “Big ideas only become a reality if you can effectively implement them for your client,” said the Manager. “With Adxstudio Portals we had the platform we needed to use CRM as our primary information hub so we could focus our energy on delivering the type of engagement Microsoft needed for both their executive and technical audiences.”

With Adxstudio Portals, they could customize their program solutions to meet the needs of the client in a way that helped them drive the innovative programs their clients expect. In addition, both programs took advantage of cost-effective cloud-based services offered by Microsoft Windows Azure, something not done before at the time. Adoxio not only brought forward a solid understanding of CRM services but also a rich knowledge of Microsoft Windows Azure, providing Starshot with a technology partnership that was founded on mutual creative thinking, technical expertise and comprehensive support for the platform.

CRM Integration that Drives Results. Using Adxstudio Portals as the platform, we built the registration infrastructure for the Executive Exchange program - a series of private and branded invitation-only events. And with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Starshot was able to capture executive registrations and attendance at these events through an easy to use web interface that flowed these interactions directly through to the online database.

Being able to centrally store and manage all of these interactions in CRM over time has helped drive deeper insights around marketing return on investment for these specialized, exclusive events and enabled the agency and the Microsoft team to have a greater ability to optimize the program. “CRM has become the primary data hub we use to meet the reporting and analysis needs around this unique, executive engagement program for Microsoft. Adxstudio Portals provides us with a reliable, accurate pipe for capturing the data that supports this program.”

Cost Effective Cloud-Based CRM in action provided a solution for both of these programs using Microsoft’s technology platform was not a ‘nice to have’ but a requirement. The agency was able to use the deep integration that Adxstudio Portals already had with Microsoft Dynamics CRM as the primary web platform, as well as take advantage of Microsoft’s Windows Azure to provide a cost effective and flexible cloud-based solution. In addition, Adoxio worked with the client on providing support services for both of these platforms allowing them to focus on building, managing and reporting the engagement with executive and technical audiences for both of these programs.

“Adxstudio Portals helped us accurately track approximately 3000 TechDays registrants over eight cities, along with which event tracks they signed up for while still ensuring that conference fees were being handled in a secure fashion. This made managing the event logistics easier for us by giving us the capability to provide frequent updates to our client leading up to TechDays directly from CRM reporting.”


By embracing design thinking process backed by the courage to challenge mediocrity, this agency helps their customers ignite their passion for marketing excellence. Specializing in servicing global B2B customers that have complex solution-based sales cycles and our agency has deep roots in industries such as technology that work with large multi-national distribution channels.

Event marketing, demand generation and digital marketing are the cornerstone practice groups of their agency. This gives them the ability to create well-rounded and balanced marketing programs that put customers in the position to increase their market share.


“Adxstudio Portals for Microsoft Dynamics CRM allowed us to more effectively manage, report and drive insights for our client.”

- Business Group Manager