Canadian City Implements Innovative Lobbyist Registry Solution
This city like many others, has a diverse population that represents people from 209 distinct ethnic backgrounds who speak 89 different languages. When the City decided to upgrade their online services platform to enable better communications with its citizen, they required technology they could trust. They turned to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Portals to provide cost-effective online services, registries and support for stakeholders and the public.

As part of their commitment to making municipal government more transparent and accountable, the City instituted a Lobbyist Registry on January 1, 2016 a component of City Council’s Accountability Framework. Mandated by the government, the Registry allows lobbyists to register and document the subject matter(s) they are lobbying the City Staff or Council Members about. The online tool had to be easily accessed by stakeholders and the public, and simple to use.

The City wanted their Registry to allow users to:

  • attain simplified, secure log-in access to documentation
  • register as a lobbyist as a way to communicate with local government officials and staff
  • communicate lobbying activities according to the City’s Lobbyist Registry By-law
  • ability to close registration and profile at any time
  • easy search capabilities without requiring registration

At the same time, and in addition to developing a new Lobbyist Registry, the City also wanted to provide a means by which the citizens could easily connect with the municipality to manage issues like permits, property taxes, complaints and comments.

The City’s vision includes an online portal access that would allow residents and businesses to:

  • register for a user account and personalize their web experience
  • sign-in with supported social media logins such as Facebook, Microsoft, LinkedIn, etc.
  • browse general 311 content online
  • complete and submit service requests and permits
  • cancel or self-resolve service requests
  • make payments for permits, fines and property taxes
  • subscribe/unsubscribe to notifications (in compliance with CASL requirements)
  • read or upload data directly into the database

The City chose us to design and implement a solution that would leverage CRM for service-request management and to enable communication between lobbyists and government.

Working with the City, we introduced a phased approach, beginning with the lobbyist registry in order to comply immediately with the new government-issued mandate, and currently working with City staff to provide solutions for online access to services and information for all citizens.

For citizens, it will be a big advantage. The online service includes a ‘one-stop shop’ on the portal, which makes it simpler for them to access any services they are looking for and at the same time, simplify the process of service delivery by municipal administrators.


As a result of the solution:

  • compliance with Lobbyist Registry By-law
  • self-managed user profiles that are easily updated
  • faster, more efficient processing of service requests and permits
  • online payments to streamline processes
  • more personalized relationships between municipality and its citizens

At the time this City was the ninth largest in Canada. With a population of nearly 600,000 people, it is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country with major economic sectors including advanced manufacturing, retail administration and logistics, information and communication technologies, food and beverage, life sciences and business services.


“Before, we had only a call centre to field the questions, complaints and requests that regularly pour in every day. We are looking to provide people with an easier, faster way to deal with their issues. The automated system that the Adoxio team is helping us implement will save time and money while providing a superior experience for our citizens.”

-City Program Manager