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We can help! Enhance the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Portals with Connect 365, KPMG Adoxio's SaaS solution. Providing your business a seamless connection between Dynamics 365 Portals and commonly used business applications. Use Connect 365 to leverage your current Dynamics 365 Portals investment and go beyond what you thought was possible! 

Connect 365

Adxstudio Portals V7 was the last version of that KPMG Adoxio built before selling the product to Microsoft, who released V8 online as a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) offering without on premises hosting or self-hosting options.

V8 Portal could not be customized, only configured. With no connection points, clients could no longer run anything server-side such as SharePoint or Power BI, integrate with commonly used applications like Esri or payment gateways, or access the Portal with Visual Studio.

We recognize that Portals V8 was built this way for security reasons, but prevented organizations who customized V7 from upgrading to Dynamics 365 and retain full functionality to which business process' depended and put their initial investment at risk.

KPMG Adoxio responds to the technology gap

Connect 365 is built on the Connect Framework and fills the technical gap in XRM tooling. As a SaaS offering, Connect 365 is available on a subscription basis and provides the enhanced Portal functionality without having to worry about hosting, supporting, maintaining and upgrading it - we handle all of that for you.

Technology Gap Addressed


Dynamics 365 has native SharePoint features which don’t extend out to the latest versions of the Portal.

Connect 365 SharePoint Module

Use the Connect 365 SharePoint module to share documents with your Dynamics 365 CRM Portal users:

  • Make a secure list of SharePoint files available on your Portal for users to download.
  • Allow secure users to upload specified file types directly to your designated SharePoint file folder.
  • Large file upload. 
  • Metadata assignment on file upload. 
  • Associate SharePoint Portal files with a CRM entity.

Dynamics 365 Portal supports other mapping tools, but they can't support custom GIS mapping layers.

For organizations with a data layer of assets that has already been paid for, they want to be able to optimize the investment and continue using it.

Connect 365 Esri Module

Use the Connect 365 Esri module to provide Esri Arc GIS mapping features (including support for custom layers) to your Dynamics 365 Portal users:

  • Display existing Esri Asset and Property data.
  • Geofencing allows you to set the perimeter for your catchment area.
  • If users allow their location to be detected, geolocation services will automatically plot their location on the Portal map.
  • Users can click on an intersection to select a location (address will be found).
  • Users can select an area to zoom in on by drawing a shape.
  • Users can receive alerts of events happening in an indicated area.
  • The deflection feature indicates if someone has already reported an event at the same location.
  • Esri mapping can be displayed in CRM, as well. 

Dynamics 365 CRM has native Power BI features which don’t extend out to the latest versions of the Portal with security or entity mapping features.

Connect 365 Power BI Module

Use the Connect 365 Power BI module to share secured Power BI dashboards, reports and tiles with your Dynamics 365 CRM Portal users:

  • Selected Power BI dashboards, reports, and tiles can be shared to the Portal and viewed by anonymous and secure users (i.e. contacts and accounts).
  • Users can connect to a secure Power BI workspace.
  • Apply row-level security to reports to display filtered user-specific information.

The Dynamics 365 Portal doesn't support secure invoice payment and mapping of the payment to the entity.

Connect 365 Payment Module

Use the Connect 365 Payment module to securely arrange payment through a third-party payment provider:

  • Portal users can review the invoice details, then click the Pay Invoice button.
  • Supports the following PCI-compliant payment gateways: Chase, Moneris, Authorize.Net, PayPal.
  • A transaction record is created with the payment interaction history (success or failure).
  • No payment details (such as credit card information) are stored to protect user privacy. 
  • The invoice will be closed and associated to the transaction record for your Account Reconciliation process.

Pricing and Packages


Access to SharePoint, Esri, Payment Gateway, and Power BI Modules

Multi-tenant hosting environment

$299 USD / Month

$199 USD / Month / Sandbox Environment


Access to SharePoint, Esri, Payment Gateway, and Power BI Modules

Your custom requirements

Single-tenant hosting environment

Your own domain name SSL support (

$999 USD / Month

$199 USD / Month / Sandbox Environment


Access to SharePoint, Esri, Payment Gateway, and Power BI Modules

Your custom requirements

Design your own hosting environment

Your own domain name SSL support (

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