Finance and Operations

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planning for the future of finance - In these times of technological innovation & disruption, a financial department must dare to redefine itself & embrace change

CFOs face an increasing amount of pressure due to external factors, such as increasing competition and new regulations, as well as internal factors for example outdated IT systems and budget constraints. This can result in an inefficient and costly finance department. According to KPMG research, more than 9 out of 10 companies are changing their business models in order to meet customer demand, embrace and leverage disruptive technologies and remain globally competitive.  For finance to do its part in driving change, an entirely new generation of transformation that integrates emerging processes and technologies is required.Consequently, the focus of finance is evolving, moving further from transaction processing and reporting towards becoming a business partner, responsible for driving growth and profitability

Realtime insights 

Ensuring the integrity of financial outcomes is no longer sufficient. Today’s finance function needs to provide insights to drive business performance and real-time decision making. Shifting from a traditional role of providing transactional support to providing more valuable information and decision making to the organizations, now leadership can confidently trailblaze with powered dashboards and predictive analytics.

Maximize Resources

An effective management solutions assists your employees to get more done and achieve greater job satisfaction. Integration is the new information paradigm. Where silos were the norm, organizations today seek instead to share critical data among business operations to manage costs and unify company strategy.
Intelligent cloud solutions let you connect and monitor your devices to better analyze previously untapped data. 

Moving to Digital 

The cloud is touted as a true catalyst and enabler of transformative actions, such as the creation of an innovative workforce, ensuring the success of a customer-centric approach and making data analytics possible – all significant opportunities for the business. Such a backdrop adds new scrutiny to finance organizations, which are now expected to contribute more to the overall strategic direction of the companies they serve.

How we can help YOU Transform 

Our solutions leverage the power of the full Microsoft Platform to help you successfully streamline and automate business processes while enabling users to create a single view of the information relevant to their role.  Intelligently organize information, improve coordination among internal groups and effectively meet the needs of your people, business and all other stakeholders. 
Our business expertise, technological insights and sector knowledge mean we are uniquely positioned to work with organizations to achieve end to end digital transformations. From strategy to tech enablement to cultural change our multidisciplinary teams take a holistic view of how processes, platforms and behaviours across the front, middle and back offices need to evolve - and offer clear methodologies for executing transformation. 

Finance & Operations, ERP, F&o

end to end services 

  • Assessments 
  • Discovery, design, configuration 
  • Business process re-engineering
  • System implementation and training 

GP Assessment 

  • Assessment of your GP ERP instance
  • Leading practices analysis
  • Master data modeling strategy
  • Readiness for upgrade
  • Cloud transformation readiness
  • 6 step transition to SaaS
  • Quick wins

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