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Leverage the power of Microsoft platform, with Microsoft Business applications, Dynamics 365 and CRM portals to help your government achieve people-centric productivity, better utilize your information and streamline operations. Our breadth of experience collaborating with Government and deep understanding of Microsoft Apps extends beyond customization, allows us to focus on our passion –  delivering a high-value solution by talented people.


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TRUSTED Government Solutions

Citizen Engagement

Inform and engage citizens using social media, blogs, forums, surveys and polls. Aims to increase efficiency with citizen case management capabilities that streamline the creation of cases across multiple channels

  • Citizen 24-7 online case management
  • Citizen self-service through a database of resolutions and other information that can be searched, AI and Chatbots
  • Integrations with commonly used government applications
  • Case deflection with knowledge base and alerts, duplicate detection and SLA management capabilities

Emergency Management

Providing governments with the tools needed to help achieve quality service and communication time. Help improve emergency readiness, response and recovery. Better engage citizens and efficiently manage interactions, with improved tracking, transparency and reporting 

  • Instantly scalable, cloud-hosted portal power for emergency readiness, response and recovery
  • Supporting real-time communications, responder coordination and recovery program delivery
"We’re able to respond more quickly to our citizens while greatly reducing our costs.” 
“Having the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and CRM Portals has given us the opportunity to reinvent ourselves as a 311 organization, and that’s really important to keep our services relevant in this day in age. I hope other 311s can benefit from what we’ve achieved with our platform."
”We are completely focused on delivering excellent customer service to the taxpayers of this community,” 
”By using technology like that found in the WeConnect portal, we can easily improve the way we address issues that matter to our neighbourhoods and businesses.”


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