Looking to maximize productivity and improve vendor relationships?  


Aim TO Increase customer insights and improve process, while minimizing costs.


How can WE help you?

Our manufacturing solutions leverage the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Portals to help manufacturing organizations improve business outcomes by automating processes, while delivering world class customer service.  Our breadth of experience in manufacturing, coupled with our deep understanding of Dynamics 365 that extends beyond customization, allows us to focus on our passion – delivering high value solutions to you, by talented people.

KPMG Adoxio Manufacturing Solutions

Effectively Manage Partner Relationships (PRM)

Leverage the power of Dynamics 365 and Portals to help effectively manage partner relationships, and provide access to a self-service portal.  Customers and collaborators can log into self-service portals to submit requests and manage accounts, contacts, locations and other details.

Maximize Resources

An effective resource management solutions assists your employees to get more done and achieve greater job satisfaction.  Schedule your team better to help maximize profitability tracking resources and project requests.

Automate your Processes

Intelligent cloud solutions let you connect and monitor your devices to better analyze previously untapped data.  Adjust to meet changing customer demands by dynamically realigning production.  Reduce manufacturing waste by improving and automating processes.

Become More Customer Centric

Aim to deliver added value to customers and take advantage of new sources of revenue by developing and implementing new customer-centric business models, including e-commerce channels and services, using intelligent cloud solutions. 

Streamline Decision Making

Assist employees with the tools to make better and faster decisions.  Provide access to the right information in the right place for streamlined workflows.

Increase Customer Insights

Understand market behaviour by analyzing information about customer interactions, product performance, and social networks.  Gain insights into customer activity across the product lifecycle by uniting and analyzing data from products and sales engagement, and sharing out insights via rich dashboards and reports.  Interact and engage with customers, and track interaction.

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