365 Degrees - Your Microsoft Journey

Our guiding principles inspire us to do differently - and that includes thinking differently about the way we work. You want a world-class on-the-job experience and a more collaborative culture. You've also told us that energy sustainment is a challenge - and we believe flexible and mobile tools will make it easier to manage your time, be more organized and communicate better.

With Microsoft 365 you ,have an opportunity to supercharge the way you collaborate, share, and connect with one another, accessing content when we need it – even on the go.


Features like Teams and OneDrive are key collaboration enablers within Microsoft 365. Teams is a collaboration tool designed for group chat and file-sharing, and is accessible on all mobile devices so that you can stay connected anywhere, any time. OneDrive lets you save your personal documents, including OneNote notebooks, in the Azure cloud. You can access these documents on your mobile device and/or share them with others, allowing you to easily co-author documents, even in real time.


The cloud?

The Microsoft cloud is secure, scalable and lives in Canada. While many of our clients already use cloud services themselves, not everyone wants their data to be stored outside of the country. That's why Microsoft has built data centers for their cloud services in Canada. Although Teams data is currently stored in Europe, it will be coming to Canada in the summer of 2020.


Your Microsoft 365 journey is just beginning – there’s more to come. We look forward to igniting better teamwork in powerful and mobile ways. Contact us to learn what this digital transformation could mean for you.