Supporting Canada’s Digital Revolution

Canada has a digital revolution in its sights. Like any worthy objective, the way ahead is far from straightforward. The Canadian Government's success is contingent on its willingness (and ability) to embrace new tools, nurture homegrown talent, and build next-gen infrastructure to support its most ambitious digital strategies.

It is a formidable journey, but one worth taking. In KPMG's Connected Government: Supporting Canada's digital future report, we present insights on the challenges, opportunities, and considerations ahead from subject matter experts.


Topics in this series include:

  • Intelligent Process Automation: The role of skilled talent in the age of 'smart' machines.
  • Blockchain: The advantages of digital ledger technology for both public agencies and Canada's tech players.
  • The Connected Consumer: The impacts of a demographic fueled by mobile innovations, on-demand services, and tech-savvy expectations.
  • Digital Identity Management: The need to keep Canada's data both accessible and secure.
  • Digital Payments: What to consider as Canada pursues its payment modernization.
  • Open Data: The issues of data ownership, security, and privacy.
  • Start-ups & Frontier Companies: The need to support Canada's digital innovators, both big and small.
  • Skillset & People Change: Ensuring Canadians prepare for digital transformation.
  • Data Privacy: A view of the modern risks impacting personal information protection and privacy.


KPMG is proud to be counted among the Federal Government's trusted advisors as they work to define Canada's digital objectives and lays the groundwork for transformation. Read here for insights on our digital future and connect with our subject matter experts to learn more.