• Head in the Clouds - Yet another painful user experience

    In the previous article we discussed the temptation for organizations to think of cloud as a managed service, and to move cautiously to cloud. In this article, we will talk about the user impact. 

    How many major migrations and transformations have the user community struggled through? Business units are understandably nervous with the constant changes mandated by IT that impact the productivity of their users. Again and again, these necessary, cost saving upgrades create user disruption and stress. Issues and failures can impact business productivity. Users have to learn a new interfaces and navigate new systems. The IT people are frustrated because they have to upgrade and enhance systems and services but the business units simply won’t tolerate more disruptive change and won’t help foot the bill. The IT people say it will be better next time because of the changes we made today, but it rarely is. All the business units hear is a list of excuses when failures occur.

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  • Head in the Clouds – Cloud is simply another managed service…

    In the previous article we discussed the vision for cloud. In the next set of articles we will consider the challenges faced by companies as they move to the new cloud paradigm.

    Treating cloud as if it’s just another managed services agreement is a fundamental impediment to successfully moving to cloud.  Managed services agreements typically involve a vendor taking contractual responsibility for parts of a company’s IT organization. This vendor then runs the service in a (hopefully) more cost effective manor, while maintaining or improving the service quality. Changes to the service can be made but they usually involve additional charges that may be quite expensive. With a managed service we may not be implementing the best solution or a standardized industry solution. If we look at cloud services, typical providers offer a myriad of specific services and features that a company can sign up for and consume. These are standardized services and often based on leading practices. If you like a particular service, you continue to consume it, if not, you go somewhere else.

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  • Head in the Clouds – Why Cloud can be a tough slog for the enterprise

    Cloud based services – (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, DBaaS etc.) are a paradigm shift from the legacy, on premise IT infrastructure architecture. Businesses are pivoting to cloud, motivated in part, by the fear of industry disruptors who are already in the cloud. In the past, sophisticated applications and a distributed enterprise infrastructure was a barrier to entry. Upstart competitors simply did not have the capital and staff to compete with large institutions. Today, with cloud services, this is no longer the case.  

    In this series of articles, we will level-set on the benefits of cloud – the vision of cloud. We will then look at the common challenges organizations are facing when moving to cloud and ways to mitigate these challenges.

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  • KPMG at Microsoft Inspire 2019

    KPMG exemplifies what can be achieved with the right partner. The Microsoft Inspire 2019 conference was one that will not soon be forgotten thanks to our many successes that were honoured in July.

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  • Harvey Nash / KPMG CIO Survey 2019: A Changing Perspective

    Now in its 21st year, the Harvey Nash / KPMG CIO Survey 2019 is the largest IT leadership survey in the world, with over 3,600 responses from CIOs and technology executives across 108 countries.

    The survey provides direct insight into the priorities, strategies and careers of senior technology leaders around the world. In our digital age, it is no surprise to find that more IT leaders are reporting budget increases than at any other time in the last 15 years - but what are they using this for? How are they managing the balance between the huge opportunities that disruptive technologies such as AI bring and the risks of cyber security, data privacy and regulation?

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  • KPMG Canada recognized as the winner of the 2019 Microsoft Application Innovation in Government IMPACT Award

    KPMG Canada is proud to annouce it has won the 2019 Microsoft Canada Application Innovation Award in Government. These annual Canadian awards recognize Microsoft partners that have focused on bettering the lives of Canadians and demonstrated excellence in sales, marketing, innovation and implementation of customer solutions based on Microsoft technology.

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  • End-of-Life Announcement: Connect 365

    On November 30, 2019 Connect 365 will be retired and no longer supported.
    Every software product has a lifecycle, beginning at its release and ending at the end of support. KPMG
    LLP in Canada “KPMG” reserves the right to discontinue software products or specific software versions

    for a variety of reasons, including product obsolescence or new software or SaaS releases

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  • Supporting Canada’s Digital Revolution

    Canada has a digital revolution in its sights. Like any worthy objective, the way ahead is far from straightforward. The Canadian Government's success is contingent on its willingness (and ability) to embrace new tools, nurture homegrown talent, and build next-gen infrastructure to support its most ambitious digital strategies.

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  • 365 Degrees - Your Microsoft Journey

    Our guiding principles inspire us to do differently - and that includes thinking differently about the way we work. You want a world-class on-the-job experience and a more collaborative culture. You've also told us that energy sustainment is a challenge - and we believe flexible and mobile tools will make it easier to manage your time, be more organized and communicate better.

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    It has been a busy second quarter for the KPMG Canada Microsoft Practice (formerly KPMG Adoxio).A big congratulations to Kunal Tripathy, Dhina Gajavarathan and Grant McLarnon for organizing Calgary’s integration bootcamp on March 30th. Calgary joined locations all over the globe holding this event on the same day.

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