D365UG Summit, 2019

This year, the D365UG Summit happened at Orlando in October - a great excuse to escape Calgary for a week that already threatened us with a couple of snowstorms.

For starters, D365UG Summit is the biggest Dynamics 365/PowerApps event where the community comes together to learn from each other.

As usual, an amazing line up of speakers and the presentation list was long enough to warrant a presentation on it.

We had an opportunity to present a number of sessions for the enthusiastic crowd and to contribute back to the community.

Solution Management for PowerApps

In this lab-based session, Colin covered the importance of understanding solution architecture of the Powerapps, how to work with the default solution, creating own solution, solution components, understanding solution types, adding canvas and model-driven apps to solutions.

Dynamics 365 Portal Extensibility Model - Build Custom Server Code!

In this session, Colin presented on how to extend the Dynamics 365 Portals to add complex functionalities that traditionally isn’t possible with SaaS-based deployment model. Colin reviewed the concept of companion app modules and the best practices to implement it and also the Dynamics 365 newer OAuth 2.0 implicit grant flow to integrate features to go beyond the limitations of configuration options or the liquid templates with the portal.

Build a Dynamics 365 Portal in 60 Minutes

In this session, Colin went live to show the portal components right from installing and building a completely custom portal from the ground up.

Colin also walked through a unique scenario using the latest portal features to display custom business data, embed reports, integrated with SharePoint for documents and be fully branded all within 60 minutes.

DevOps Practices for Building on the Common Data Service

In this developer-oriented session, Colin walked the attendees through the critical DevOps practices that enables the development team to achieve continuous integration and delivery of solution components and data.

Implement Enterprise Integrations With Dynamics 365 Using Azure Logic Apps

In this session, Kunal introduced Logic Apps as an integration tool for Enterprise-grade server-less cloud-based integration with Dynamics 365. This session also covered various design patterns and learnings from real project implementations along with understanding Hybrid Integration, Integration Schema, Dynamics Connector and Azure Functions.

Reimagining Customer Service with Virtual Assistants

Dhina presented this session to squarely target the teams who are thinking about augmenting or replacing their customer service with Chatbots. This session provided the audience with the knowledge on what is under the hood of any Bot, how the team should plan when they want to introduce Chatbots to their help desk and to their customers.

The one thing that was common across all the sessions was the engaged and enthusiastic crowd and we were fortunate enough to add skills to their arsenal.


D365UG Summit is all about getting introduced to new products and services, diversified perspectives and opinions, connecting with new folks, in some cases putting a face to the name and understanding the industry trends and standards. The theme that was consistent across the summit was the Power Platform. There were so many sessions dedicated to learning Power Platform concepts, products involved and how the users are empowered by the Power Platform.

Overall it was a fantastic and thorough event that took place in a beautiful city that has some of the best tourist spots and adventures in the world. Later in the day, my visit to one of the M&M gift store helped me to sum up my event experience in a single line - a kid in the candy store.

Summit 2020 will be here before you know it, but in the meantime, you can keep up to date and network with other users by attending quarterly, local CRMUG meetings - https://www.crmug.com/crmug/resources/local-meetings. We hope to see you there!