End-of-Life Announcement: Connect 365

On November 30, 2019 Connect 365 will be retired and no longer supported.
Every software product has a lifecycle, beginning at its release and ending at the end of support. KPMG
LLP in Canada “KPMG” reserves the right to discontinue software products or specific software versions

for a variety of reasons, including product obsolescence or new software or SaaS releases

Why is Connect 365 being retired?
With the evolution of the Microsoft Power Platform and Microsoft Portal, many of the features of Connect
365 are available ‘out of the box’, presenting a more cost effective option for our customers. We fully
anticipated that Microsoft would eventually do this, and Connect 365 was created to fill this gap in the

When will Connect 365 be retired?
All contracts, support and functionality will be ending on November 30, 2019.

Who is affected?
All Connect 365 customers will be required to adopt alternative options to meet individual functionality
and requirements. Our team will be reaching out to you to review your options for migration.

What is the effect of this change to my environment?
On December 1, 2019, Connect 365 will be shut off, stopping all functionality.

When is my last day of support?
Connect 365 last day of support is November 30, 2019. On December 1, 2019, we will be shutting down
the Azure infrastructure that supports Connect 365 and all support services for Connect 365 will
unavailable. KPMG will not publish any software sub-releases or bug fixes, and the product becomes

What are my options for migration?
Since each customer uses the Connect 365 service differently, our team will be reaching out to you to
review your specific options for migration on an individual basis to address your individual requirements.

What if I have additional questions?
Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or email info@adoxio.com.