How you can use the User Group Community to your advantage

We have the same goals for your company as you do. We work to help you succeed. We know and understand questions come up, whether you are implementing new Dynamics software, are currently in production, or just starting those conversations. The need for support and experience for any of these situations is paramount and we want to ensure you have every resource available to you every step of the way.

We would like to introduce you to the User Group community as another avenue for you to utilize. Tens of thousands of users just like you, utilize this international network of Dynamics professionals to find answers to their questions, provide solutions and make new connections with someone who has gone through a similar scenario. These User Groups specialize in the delivery of user-led education, community-driven knowledge generation and enriched networking - bringing users to the forefront of technology problem-solving.

We highly suggest joining a User Group to exchange knowledge year-round through:

  • User-led virtual training sessions
  • Local User Group Meetings
  • Online Q&A Forum
  • Advanced workshops (Academy)
  • In-Person Conferences and Events


This community is a place your whole company can benefit from, with a cost-effective company membership that allows all Dynamics users in your organization to get involved and experience the value of uniting people through a community powered by users for users. 

We are a proud leaders of the Toronto, Ottawa, Regina and Calgary local user groups, so join us in person, or find out about local user groups in your area here. We are offering you a 10% discount to join the community by signing up your organization today. When joining, just enter the following code to receive your discount: PRPKPMG

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