Adoxio Business Solutions Launches Connect 365 for common integration scenarios for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Portals

Adoxio is thrilled to launch their Connect 365 solution, which allows users to integrate their Dynamics 365 Portal with commonly used applications such as SharePoint, Esri, Payment Gateways, and PowerBI.  These Connect 365 modules allow users to achieve a seamless connection between their Dynamics 365 Portal and these platforms, which previously wasn’t possible with Dynamics 365 Portals.  The modules are being offered in a subscription-based SaaS pricing model and can be deployed as part of your solution immediately through the cloud.

In addition, during eXtreme365 in Lisbon, Colin Vermander, Technical Director for Services Delivery, launched the Adoxio Connect Framework, which solves a number of restrictions with integration and custom coding in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Portals. 

Adoxio has developed the Adoxio Connect Framework, which provides the ability to deploy and run custom code seamlessly alongside a Dynamics 365 Portal, allowing partners to continue to build complex integrated applications on the platform.  Developers can now go beyond the limitations of configuration by leveraging the full complement of functionality found in the CRM SDK, .NET framework and Microsoft Azure.  Adoxio is releasing this to the Dynamics community at no cost – developers who are interested may download it for free on GitHub and Nuget.

“Adoxio prides itself in being a leader on the forefront of Microsoft Dynamics solutions”, said Craig Fleming, CTO, Adoxio.  “We work hard every day to deliver innovative and meaningful solutions for our customers and to add value back to the Dynamics partner community.”

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