Adoxio Business Solutions Opens US Subsidiary

Regina, SK: Adoxio Business Solutions, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions consultancy, today announces the opening of their new office in Redmond, Washington. With five offices across Canada, the addition of an office in Redmond enables Adoxio to further align with Microsoft and strengthen their position as a leading Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner.

“Adoxio already has a strong client base in the United States and this expansion enables us to strengthen our relationship with Microsoft while increasing our American presence,” said Grant McLaron, CEO of Adoxio Business Solutions Inc. “The US market continues to be a key growth area for us and we are thrilled to announce this development.”

This expansion is announced shortly after the establishment of Adoxio, formerly known as Adxstudio. Adoxio is uniquely positioned to serve the CRM web portal marketplace, given its historical experience developing the Adxstudio web portal technologies recently acquired by Microsoft for inclusion within Dynamics CRM.