Finances Online Reviews VeloCITY 365

​VeloCity 365 was ranked by Finances Online and received a 93% user satisfaction rating, winning us a Great User Experience award for 2018 and their 2018 Rising Star award! FinancesOnline awards both recognitions to software solutions that are perceived by users as an efficient platform for solving difficult tasks while offering a superior user experience through intuitive functionalities.

In their VeloCITY 365 review, they focused on the problems that VeloCITY solves; citizen service request management and citizen engagement, providing readers with a 3rd party view of the program and its features.

VeloCITY 365 is a robust citizen engagement platform built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 designed to help local governments and government agencies streamline their processes, efficiently address local issues and citizen complaints and requests. This citizen engagement platform, which landed a spot in FinancesOnline’s top 15 CRM Software for Enterprises for its efficiency in citizen engagement, enables governments to empower citizens to become active participants in issues, discussion, and policies that involve their community. 

With VeloCITY 365, local governments are now able to provide streamlined, efficient, and effective channels for citizens to raise concerns, submit requests, and voice opinions on issues and policies. Due to this, it isn’t a surprise to see VeloCity 365 to earn a spot in the FinancesOnline List of 10 Best CRM Software Tools. The platform enables local governments to effectively track and report on citizen issues effortlessly, gather highly actionable, high-value insights from the ground level, and even accelerate administrative processes.