Upcoming Webinar Migration Journey: From Adxstudio Portals to Dynamics 365 Portals

Microsoft No Longer Supports Legacy Adxstudio Portals

What do you do now? What if you have an issue? Can you upgrade to Dynamics 365 Portals? What does it take?   REGISTER NOW 

Dynamics 365 Portals is getting another version update this October and has a ton of updates including native integration with SharePoint and Power BI. In this session, Kunal Tripathy from the originators of the Adxstudio Portals and now a Technical Team Lead at KPMG Adoxio, will guide you through a technical deep dive into customer upgrade options for Adxstudio Portals installs. He will evaluate several upgrade approaches and available options to meet your needs, followed by a real-time scenario, walking you through the steps to migrate the Adxstudio Portals to Dynamics 365 Portals version using industry best practices and data migration tools.

This webinar was brought to you by MS Dynamics World and KPMG Adoxio. 

Bonus: Kunal will share the data migration scripts which can be used as a Starter Pack for your Adxstudio Portals migration. This is a webinar you don't want to miss. 


Date: Wednesday August 29th 2018

Time: 12:00PM EST | 2:00PM MST