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Adoxio Public Sector solutions leverage the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and CRM portals to help governments achieve people-centric productivity, citizen value creation and government cost management. Adoxio’s breadth of experience in the public sector, and deep understanding of Dynamics 365 that extends beyond customization, allows us to focus on our passion – delivering a high value solution by talented people.

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    • 311 Citizen Services
    • Permits, Licenses & Grants
    • Emergency Management
    • Citizen Engagement
    • Constituent Relationship Management
    • Citizen Case Management

Adoxio public sector Solutions

311 Citizen services

Gives cities the tools you need to achieve non-emergency services success.

  • Streamline support costs by allowing your citizens to self-service issues with access to a database of resolutions and other information that can be searched
  • Leverage pre-configured commercial, residential, street infrastructure and other non-emergency local service requests
  • Case deflection with knowledge base and alerts, duplicate detection and SLA management capabilities

Permits, Licenses & Grants

Increase capacity and reduce administrative burdens with citizen self-service applications.

  • Web portal-based self-service applications to help ensure completed, validated application submissions
  • Faster screening, quicker processing, enhanced tracking, efficient management and informative, aggregate reporting
  • Specific categories of requests are distributed to the appropriate teams automatically 

Emergency Management

Portal for improved emergency readiness, response and recovery.

  • Instantly scalable, cloud-hosted portal power for emergency readiness, response and recovery
  • Supporting real-time communications, responder coordination and recovery program delivery

Citizen Engagement

Inform and engage constituents using social media, blogs, forums, surveys and polls

Citizen case management

Increase efficiency with citizen case management capabilities that streamline the creation of cases across multiple channels

citizen Relationship Management

Engage citizens and efficiently manage interactions with a powerful pre-configured xRM solution


We’re able to respond more quickly to our citizens while greatly reducing our costs.” Becky Jo continues, “Having the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and CRM Portals has given us the opportunity to reinvent ourselves as a 311 organization, and that’s really important to keep our services relevant in this day in age. I hope other 311s can benefit from what we’ve achieved with our platform.

Becky Jo,
Grand Rapids Michigan

”We are completely focused on delivering excellent customer service to the taxpayers of this community,” said Mayor Andy Cook. ”By using technology like that found in the WeConnect portal, we can easily improve the way we address issues that matter to our neighborhoods and businesses.”

Mayor Andy Cook,
City of Westfield


Hillsborough County

The County of Hillsborough wished to implement a self-service online non-emergency management system as the foundation for transformation of County services. Their new system needed to provide vast gains in citizen interaction for both County CSRs as well as the citizens in the county. Improvements in visibility and turn-around times were also critical to the project.

Based on the transformation, the expectation was that the County’s workload was going to grow and that there would be greater demand for County services. This would increase pressure on budgets, and Hillsborough was faced with a recurring government theme: “do more with less”. The county moved forward with these objectives for their system:

  Improve service to citizens by simplifying how citizens access County services, providing consistent and correct information and increasing the number of calls resolved by the first County representatives reached by the citizen

  Create efficiencies that support staff to better manage routine calls and allow operating departments to focus on more complex work and provide more one-on-one time with citizens who require it

  Provide ongoing cost savings as compared to the current cost of handling an increasing volume of calls

The Adoxio team worked with the County to implement their non-emergency management system based on a Microsoft platform that allowed the County to leverage their existing investment in Microsoft and continue to utilize the Microsoft Stack within County.

The County’s main focus was to simplify access to its services and information. The system is designed to enable citizens to obtain the information and services they need the very first time they contact the County, regardless of the channel they choose to use.

The system features multi-channel intake capabilities meaning that citizens will be able to contact the County by phone, web, fax, email or in person to access information and services. The modern abstracted architecture that supports multichannel intake also means that citizens will be able to contact the County through new channels such as digital TV as they become common vehicles for communication.

The County’s last goal was to create a valuable management tool that included reporting capabilities to provide County staff and elected officials with service delivery metrics and map based reports that will provide insight into what changes in business practices and what resource allocations are required to bring about service excellence.

All of this and more was delivered through a powerful solution by the team at Adoxio.

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