Service delivery Solutions

Looking to digitally transform your business operations? 


STRIVE TO improve efficiency and effectiveness of your sales and operations.

Effectively Manage Stakeholder Relationships 

Leverage the power of the Microsoft Platform to help effectively manage partner relationships, and provide access to a self-service portal.  Customers and collaborators can log into self-service portals to submit requests and manage accounts, contacts, locations and other details.

Maximize Resources

An effective resource management solutions assists your employees to get more done and achieve greater job satisfaction.  Schedule your team better to help maximize profitability tracking resources and project requests.

Automate your Processes

Intelligent cloud solutions let you connect and monitor your devices to better analyze previously untapped data.  Adjust to meet changing customer demands by dynamically realigning production.  Reduce manufacturing waste by improving and automating processes.

How we can help YOU

Our solutions leverage the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and CRM portals to help successfully streamline and automate business processes while enabling users to create a single view of the information relevant to their role.  Intelligently organize information, improve coordination among internal groups and effectively meet the needs of your people, business and all other stakeholders.  Our breadth of experience in the services industry, coupled with our deep understanding of the Microsoft Platform and Dynamics 365, extends beyond customization, allows us to focus on our passion – delivering high value solutions by talented people.

  • Field Service 
  • IoT Central & Preventative Maintenance 
  • Customer Care & Call Centre
  • Finance & Operations 

Service Delivery Solutions

Iot central & Preventative Maintenance 

Accurately identify leading indicators and predict utilization to help reduce costs and effectively streamline information.

  • Asset scheduling and forecasting
  • Utilizing sensor data to provide real time equipment usage and wear 
  • Automatically create work orders to prevent downtime
  • Geo-locate assets and share online
  • Optimize resources and assets

Customer Relationship Management & Call Centre

Mitigate and resolve conflicts and proactively engaging with stakeholders.

  • Identify and manage relationships with stakeholders in one location
  • Track, analyze and report on key stakeholder analytics and dashboards
  • Manage communications and interactions with stakeholders
  • Support stakeholder process through an omni channel self service portal 
  • Online creation and tracking of service incidents 
  • Searchable knowledge base and FAQ 

Field Service Management

Help optimize your scheduling, equip your mobile workforce and profit from predictive services.

  • Optimized technician scheduling - Get the right resources to the right place at the right time
  • Contract and work order management - Increase customer satisfaction and account for all service revenue
  • Track truck inventory valuable equipment management - Have the right resources on every call
  • Omni channel productivity - Improve field processes and technician productivity
  • Connected field service - Lower costs by dispatching technicians only when needed
  • Customer communications - Put your customers at the center of every interaction

Finance & operations

Streamline your financial operations to help improve efficiencies and increase visibility. 

  • Robust case management and inquiry capabilities 
  • Interaction management
  • Integrated work order, invoice process, time and expense 
  • Robust reporting and analytics capabilities

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