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Adoxio solutions for Citizen Self Service Portals

Citizen Self-Service Portals

Provide efficient, self-service capabilities for non-emergency services.

 Available on Any Device

Allow citizens to self-report non-emergency issues from anywhere, at any time while automatically capturing location data and photos.

 Submissions Open 24/7

An online portal provides easy access to citizens, regardless of their schedule, lightening the load on administration and call-centre resources.

 The Right Requests for Your City or Municipality

Our solutions come with a number of pre-configured service request types like burnt-out streetlights, potholes, garbage issues, and we can easily configure the exact types you need.

 Powerful, Smart Automated Workflows

Let us help configure the system to do the work for you. Notifications, reports, follow-up, and communication can all be automated through the system to keep your resources focused on high-priority issues.

Citizen Engagement

Build stronger relationships with your constituents.

 Engage Citizens in Conversation

Provide a platform for your teams and citizens to engage through blogs, forums, and events to build relationships and ensure communication happens in a timely, efficient manner.

 Ask for Feedback

Engage stakeholders and capture valuable input from your citizens with polls, surveys, discussion forums, web page comments and ratings.

 Build Ongoing Relationships & Trust

Creating digital pathways for conversations to flow and citizens to have their voices heard increases satisfaction and builds public servant trust.

Permits & License Applications

Provide a tracked, streamlined, and easy-to-repeat online process for applications.

 Streamline Permit & Licensing Applications

Create an efficient, online system to apply for permits & licenses, allowing the system to handle the administrative heavy-lifting while ensuring no applications fall between the cracks.

Process Payments Online

Provide the option to citizens tos securely pay online, allowing certain permits and applications to be issued immediately.

Provide Simple Repeat Transactions

Simplify the process for repeat transactions by automatically filling information or creating a new permit from a previous application.

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